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Control4 Whole Home Video

With our comprehensive range of HDBT, Fibre and IP video distribution systems you can now send any video source (such as SkyQ, Virgin TV, Tivo, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Kaleidescape, CCTV and more) to any TV in your home in full 4K HDR. Sevenoaks Smart Home's video distribution systems allow you to mount TVs flat to the wall without needing to worry about hanging cables or messy set top boxes. Our AV infrastructure means cables are run directly back to your rack, with all the sources neatly tucked away out of site. 

Distribute All Your Video Sources In 4K HDR 

With whole home video distribution you can share any and every video source you own across every TV in the house. Access  your favourite programs anywhere, easily and conveniently. Start watching in the living room, then you can simply pause and select the same source in the kitchen, without missing a moment. If you want to finish the program in bed, simply turn it off downstairs and turn it on upstairs. Controlling the system is easy, with a single smart remote control that becomes the applicable remote for whatever source you select, whilst simultaneously turning on the relevant TV and setting the correct inputs automatically. You can also control from your smart phone, tablet, dedicated touchscreen or even by programmed commands on your light switch. Turn on your favourite channel or film with a single press and browse and play as you would your iTunes collection. 

A Single, Simple, Universal Remote Control

TV Audio Through Integrated Speakers

Distributed In
4K Ultra HD

Neat, Organised Central AV Storage

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