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IP Networking & Managed Wi-Fi

Correctly designed and implemented IP networking & centrally managed, intelligent Wi-Fi is essential for any smart home. Sevenoaks Smart Homes guarantee the quality of our installations by utilising only the best, most robust and reliable IP networking products, properly configured and utilised. By starting with a solid foundation, we can ensure superior network performance, reliable wireless coverage and ultimately a better connected home.

The Foundation On Which All Smart Home Products Rely

Today, every home needs a fast and reliable connection to the internet. Half the battle is to ensure the best possible connection into your home to provide the highest possible internet speed. The other half of the battle however, is getting that connection out to the devices around the home. As the distance and the number of devices increases, this becomes a greater and greater challenge, especially when trying to penetrate modern building materials and congested airwaves. In a heavily integrated, connected smart home, a quality IP networking implementation is essential. Sevenoaks Smart Homes can provide seamless, uninterrupted wireless coverage by employing intelligent, centrally managed Wireless Access Points carefully positioned throughout your home. Combining such devices with technologies to identify, separate and prioritise different types of network traffic means vastly superior network performance. We hard wire many devices to provide the fastest possible connections and reduce wireless traffic. We can also employ dual WAN implementations to greatly improve internet speed and reliability, even in the busy homes of larger families.

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