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Control4 Smart Security Systems

Smart, integrated control and automation of your intruder alarm (and its sensors), your CCTV, intercom & access control, doors, locks, lights, blinds and even your TV can significantly enhance the security of your home. By joining all these devices together, we can create event based programming that will deter criminals before they enter, act immediately to draw attention, notify you and police if the worst happens - and provide the best evidence to catch the perpetrators in the unlikely event that they make good their escape.

Integrated Security Solutions For Your Smart Home

By installing a smart intruder alarm system you can take control of sensors and the real-time or historic information they provide. Integrate the system with Control4 and your home can ensure the doors are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed. If you hear a noise or know there's an intruder in the house, you can immediately trigger a panic alarm from multiple devices in your house, including your smart phone, and monitor / track an intruders' location in the home in real-time. Away from home the system can notify you of events such as doorbell presses, door or gates being opened or closed, motion detection etc. and the system is smart enough for you to be able to specify precisely what event and under what circumstance you want to know about. Other integrated devices such as lights, curtains / blinds, TVs and audio can be used to simulate occupancy when you're at work or on holiday, an outside observer will see the lights switching on and off, the curtains being drawn, the flashing of TV screens and could even hear sound coming from inside, deterring thieves before they come onto your property.

Control Locks Remotely

View CCTV Remotely

Control Alarm Remotely

Simulated Occupancy

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