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Control4, Lutron & Rako Mood Lighting Systems

Sevenoaks Smart Homes focus on providing our customers with joined up thinking and integrated solutions that really are clever. Unlike many of our competitors, we have the whole spectrum of talent necessary to provide such solutions in house, eliminating the need to work with numerous different individuals or companies in relation to a single task. Sevenoaks offers professional lighting design services, NICEIC electrical contracting (because all lights need power!) together with a comprehensive selection of the best smart mood lighting solutions on the market.  

Lighting Solutions For A Smarter Home

Large spaces especially, benefit from smart lighting - where lots of space often means lots of different lights (and light switches!) Smart lighting enables us to combine the switching of numerous lighting circuits (such as wall lights, downlights, uplights, lamps, feature lighting, unit lighting etc.) - all into a single button press. In addition, smart switches can set the various lights to pre-set levels, not just on or off! Even better, we can ramp the different lights in and out at different rates or at different points during the "on" or "off" commands, creating beautiful, elegant effects. This is a lighting scene and is the foundation of mood lighting design. Better still, we can greatly reduce the inevitable "wall clutter" that would usually come with multiple lighting loads. You can also add control of your other smart home devices; audio, video, blinds, gates etc. to the same light switch. The "smart" in smart mood lighting means you have remote control and programmed automation of all your lights, meaning that lights can automatically come on if an alarm is triggered, or with a control system's AI to simulate occupancy whilst you're off on holiday. Smart lighting "knits" your smart home together enhancing control, security and convenience.

Use The TV Remote To Adjust The Level

Control Inside & Outside The Home

Bespoke Scenes For Every Occasion

Simulated Occupancy Deters Thieves.

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