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Meridian Audio Listening Rooms

When it comes to ardent music lovers, ceiling speakers might not offer the true, high fidelity audio experience they crave. For audiophiles, Sevenoaks Smart Homes offer a dedicated design and specification service for bespoke listening rooms. A place in your home to experience the magic of an original studio performance, in master quality audio, thanks to innovations such as MHR (Meridian High Resolution) and MRC (Meridian Room Correction).

Dedicated Hi-Fi Listening Rooms 

Sevenoaks Smart Homes offer bespoke, high fidelity audio systems for customers that demand the very best acoustic experience. In order to deliver such experiences, our team will carefully consider the space available and work with dedicated engineers to create a bespoke design with a view to deliver the best possible results. As part of this service we consider the construction / surfaces of the room, the seating position, the speaker postion and the customers personal preferences. We will choose the most appropriate acoustic treatments, electronics and of course loudspeakers. At Sevenoaks, we firmly believe that Meridian Audio, an British designed and manufactured offering, deliver some of the most exceptional results on the market today. So, more often than not, these are the components we'll recommend... To learn more please download our brochure below or book a demonstration with us via the form below and rekindle your passion for high fidelity audio.

Meridian Audio DSP8000SE Loudspeaker image


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